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    Blacklisted Modifications List
    On skybounds we only allow certain approved modifications/clients due to what each client or modification can add-on in-game to either the player (player-side) or the server (server-side). This list will be a complied list of the most common/known modifications and clients that ARE and ARE NOT allowed to be used on our server. This list WILL NOT cover all clients and modifications and so if you are unsure please reach out to a member of staff for them to verify first.

    Performance Enhancers:
    Clients and modifications that allow better FPS, ability to toggle off features of minecraft (such as video settings in depth) and changing of minecraft textures (texture packs WITHOUT use of XRAY, any ESP or inverted textures that allow for an unfair advantage).

    These clients/modifications are, but not limited to:
    - Optifine
    - Shaders, and other lighting mods/clients
    - FBS boosters (other than the above mentioned clients)
    - Armour status HUD
    - Status Effects HUD

    Chat clients:
    These clients allow multiple options to filter chat, set chat 'toggles' and to keep important information logged. These clients can make gameplay easier and smoother to run.

    These clients/modifications are, but not limited to:
    - 5zig
    - Badlion
    - Lunar
    - Tabby chat

    Other Clients:
    These clients can be very general gameplay clients, or allow multiple modifications to run at the same time.

    These clients/modifications are, but not limited to:
    - Forge
    - Liteimatica
    - Better sprint (BUT NOT TOGGLE SNEAK/SHIFT)

    Modifications that will be 'use at your own risk' and if you are found using aspects of these clients/modifications, you will be removed from our server at once. This list WILL NOT cover all clients and modifications and so if you are unsure please reach out to a member of staff for them to verify first.

    All clients listed down here are 'Use At You Own Risk' due to features they contain, features that allow an unfair advantage and cannot be used on our server due to said features.

    These clients/modifications are, but not limited to:
    - Replay mod (as long as not found using it maliciously to find hidden features or downloading of server worlds. Can only use in replaying pvp sections, or on islands with island owner consent)
    - Cosmic client (world downloader)
    - Chat fonts (can be classed as Wurst)
    - Damage indicators
    - Health indicators (NEAT client etc)
    - Tracers (Vanilla hitboxes permitted)
    - Mini maps (With entities)
    - Waypoints
    - Toggle Shift Modification (may be classed as a hack, and will be punished)


    Clients and modifications that are strictly NOT allowed on our server at all. These clients and modifications can damage our servers, the community/players and can also allow major unfair advantages for yourself- if any of these clients or modifications are found on our server you WILL be removed immediately.

    These clients/modifications are, but not limited to:
    Waila Mod (HP, chest contents)
    - Wurst hack client
    - Console Clients (anti-afk, auto-rejoin)
    - Vape hack client
    - Aristois hack client
    - Liquid Bounce hack client
    - Huzuni hack client
    - Litematica Printer Function
    - Hacks to give any advantage
    - Afk Bots/Action bots (Scripting Bots)
    - Toggle Sneak
    - World Downloder
    - Better pvp (fast eat, pvp unfair advantages)
    - X-ray/ESP
    - Macros/Autoclicker
    - LabyMod (health indicators and waypoints and negative impact on other players/server)
    - InventoryTweaks
    - Scaffolding/fast-bridging (auto-bridge)

    As states throughout, any clients or modifications listed here are solely used as examples to give the community an idea of what we may allow or disallow. Any features of clients or modifications should meet these requirements and if unsure to make a support ticket https://skybounds.com/ticket/ or reach out to staff member to ensure your clients are acceptable for our server. Any clients on this list may be subject to change at any time, as well as additions of clients and modifications.

    DISCLAIMER: We cannot protect our players from any clients or modifications they download, any clients or modifications is at a players own risk and thus we cannot be held responsible if a player has issues with anything they downloaded- they should always seek external help from OFFICIAL sites.

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