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    Season Five Official Changelogs
    This list will be updated throughout the season and will be pinned within the changelog channel for players to view and keep up to date with (this will accommodate to players who may not use discord or vice versa with not being able to use forums).
    You can no longer Place bamboo on island and farm it.
    You can no longer fish without the required fishing skill if you got the rod.
    No Sardines in Iron anymore and there are 2 kinds of Salmon 1 is used for nothing, sardines will be being altered and salmon is now sellable.
    Chicken Drop wrong coded meat cant use for craft or Selling, this has been added to /sell and will be being added into the crafting recipes.
    You cant craft Slayer Pet level 1 cause there is no way of getting Fox drops since Fairy´s are fixed, the crafting will be being edited soon.
    Pig and Sheep now spawn
    Re balanced island level pricing
    Woodcutting node slivers added into openables and drops
    No farming Imps were spawning, now fixed.
    Glowstone pool in air (Iron Net fishing is in the Ground), both resynced.
    Spawn Woodcutting Limits not increasing( Only Spawn ), this has since been fixed.
    Some weird drops out of Imortal stones etc. like 100 Star Ticket and 40 Xp bottles, the tier range for stars and xp have been upped.
    Ice node recipe redone.
    Cooldowns on wood nodes added
    Challenges updated -FURTHER ATTENTION REQUIRED
    Lootcrate pushed and added to store
    NEW ECO prices
    DUPE BUGS fixed
    DRAGON prefix updated (community vote)
    New slayer/grinding base XP
    Crafting base xp updated
    Mob drops changed slightly
    Legendary Skydrop loot table updated
    Farming limits updated and reworked
    Woodcutting at spawn does not count towards skill xp or limits fixed, this has been reworked and fixed.
    Birch needs ‘granite axe’ to chop, it is now changed to ‘Birch axe’
    Birch node crafting was ‘oak node’ and has now been changed to ‘birch node’
    Acacia nodes were giving errors and disappearing when attempting to pick up on islands, this has been fixed.
    Crafting skill xp didnt, had said ‘+40 crafting xp’.
    Island level prices are now on all island servers
    Fairy IKIT bonus working and rebalanced
    /boosts fixed
    Fishing pool are needs to be resynced
    Spear fishing DELETED
    Emerald node placing has been resynced on islands.
    Openables redone
    Fairy and snow protectors have disappeared from spawn, now synced back to their positions.
    Using water to break crop blocks auto-regrows them. This has now been put on a timer and reworked.
    Added woodcutting slivers to the woodcutting openables
    Spawner crafting recipe needs to be changed to: 9x spawner shard to make 1 spawner (NO SOULSTONE IS NOW REQUIRED)
    Spawner have been added to the slayer openables
    Farming have been added to farming openables
    The beginner ch changed from ‘plant 5 saplings’ to ‘Place a crop block’
    Barbarian perm strength I removed
    Spawn parkour added and blocks have been reworked
    node crafting GUI updated
    Jungle wood limit requires jungle wood to be farmed, the limit is now 10 jungle wood per.
    Dead man log changed to ‘dead_bubble_coral_log’
    Quartz and the new ores resynced so that you cannot place the item.
    ‘Helper’ changed to ‘TrialMod’ (same colour)
    ‘Mod’ changed to ‘Mod’ in dark green
    NEW STAFF PREFIX: ‘SrMod’ in dark yellow (gold)
    Removed ‘openable pouch’ from the loot table ‘openable pouch’
    Farming imps now exist
    A /toggle for the ‘You have reached your limit!’ added
    Divorce papers should now work
    Mining pets worked on wood nodes, the pets have been resynced to its appropriate nodes and skill trees.
    Crashing error fixed and patched.

    Skill cap removed and the skill xp reworked.
    Crashing issue sorted (connection to dev/test servers terminated, we will be re-routing the servers elsewhere that will not cause crashing for our main server).
    Solo skill xp reworked.
    Values for skills reynced and edited.
    Easter eggs buffed
    Warzone loot edited
    Island hosting and creation
    Skill xp syncing now linked up on all servers
    pets renamed to 'pet item' now back to original names
    Bunny pet now counting and opening/claiming
    Clue scroll counter and challenge syncing
    Bunny pet from easter eggs buffed
    Completed scrolls now claimable
    Farming at spawn now synced with the skill levels
    Island upgrades removed from the /island GUI
    Jungle node crafting updated
    Skill node crafting synced
    Acacia node crafting added to the GUI
    Legendary skydrop scrambled coords updated

    drifter set changed to only keep tools in mainhand and armour upon death
    drifter set cannot unlock legendary chests/help to unlock them (until players have unlocked them)
    no-armour players cannot open legendary chests/help unlock them (until players have unlocked them)
    Have to be in full armour to open legendary chests/help unlock them (until players have unlocked them)
    Killers in wz will have 15 seconds to now open the players head to grab loot before everyone else can
    Compact bread recipe changed
    Galaxy dust recipe changed
    rabbit paw added (get by killing bunnies from SPAWNER)
    galaxy dust sellprice changed
    rabbit paw sellprice added
    creative/OP perms edited and updated
    spawners can now be placed in wz (OP only)
    crops and nodes can be broken at spawn (OP only)
    four island servers are now up and running, TPS should stabilize
    quartz ore node picking-up now works
    sugarcane node crafting fixed
    sugarcane no longer grows through blocks

    Ruby now drops quartz slivers
    Galaxy dust recipe fixed
    Random warzone teleport now synced
    Woodcutting node messages synced
    Zombie spawner no longer called skeleton spawner
    spawner shard lore updated
    Farming nodes now called 'farm' rather than 'mine'
    Sugarcane no longer grows through blocks
    Ore nodes synced to island levels
    Chisel gives ore nodes for ruby+
    Misc message lores on items have been edited/updated
    Limit toggle fixed on woodcutting
    Jungle now increases acacia limit
    Ice limit fixed, granite will now increase it
    Axe needed for dark oak synced at spawn
    Stat trackers debugged and now counting all stats
    Daily grinding past limits for ch's/trophies will now occur
    compactor island level unlock synced

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