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    WarZone Mega Update
    We have brought you a small, but mega update to the warzone! Such features include distinctive features, a third island, nether wart, pumpkins, melons, bedrock ores, skystone ores, emerald ores, diamond ores and ruby ores!

    All features can be found throughout the map and will allow players to grind with the risk of pvp!

    We have added knowledge and nether trees to spawn around the oak-tree islands for those who wish to grind safely! Ores will be added to spawn soon.

    - A big thanks to @LegendDev for helping me with this update!

    We understand pvpers do not like this map much and so are in the transition of making adaptations/replacements for the new season- Yes, we hear you!

    Future Updates:
    * Boss Alter/Mini Bosses
    * Ores at spawn
    * Mobs at spawn
    * Mobs in warzone
    * Valentines quest
    * Valentines Crate

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