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    Valentines Update Season Four

    We bring you a new valentines crate to our store/looter kits! This new crate includes:
    Spawner Loot
    Ore Seed Loot
    Crop Seed Loot
    Utility: Gemstone Slots, Gemstone shells, Auto-Chests, Item Teleporters, Color Wand, Sell Wand and More!

    Bolt Rank Token
    Tornado Rank Token
    Comet Rank Token
    Void Rank Token
    Compactor Pet Egg
    Squid Pet Egg
    Boost Gem (x2)
    Legendary Sky Drop
    Metal Factory Blueprint
    Warlord Immortal Kit
    Warrior Kit
    Necromancer Kit
    Ruby Ore Seed (300-500)
    Obsidian Ore Seed (250-350)
    Skystone Ore Seed (75-125)
    Bedrock Ore Seed (50-150)
    Nether Sapling (10-20)
    Spawner Spinner (4-6)

    NEW TRAIL: 'Valentines'
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    NEW Chat Prefix: 'Flirt'
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    NEW Chat Prefix: '✧CUPID✧'
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    NEW Chat Prefix: 'Lovesick'

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    New Quest Coming Soon!
    A new 'Find Your Love' quest will be released on Valentines Day.
    A 30% sale for 24 hours only will also be activated!

    New NPC at /ah
    The Factory Trader is now at /ah, allowing you to sell your factory seeds/saplings to earn some money!

    Factories Have Exited The Building
    Factories are now gone!!! TPS and island spots are looking good now. Essence Factories, Factory Conveyor belts and Factory cores are still in game for players to use!

    Keep an eye out for more!

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