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    Update Two: Fight the boss if you dare....
    P.S: The boss requires XP to enter!

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    - Can't pick up crop blocks before they are fully grown
    - can no longer break crops without hoe
    - Brown and red mushrooms now farmable
    - sweetberries and beetroot now farmable
    - Root and Pleague buffed
    - Woodcutting recipes fixed
    - Insta catch now has a cooldown and 30s use everytime you use it
    - level 40 sword nerfed
    - level 45 sword nerfed
    - Iron golem now shows in /ch
    - Harvest nerfed
    - crafting skill hopefully removed
    - Lifesteal nerfed
    - placing pistons now require the right level
    - robots just drop on the floor now if you pick it up
    - slayer set made
    - all skill pets fixed
    - Boosted eco buffed on rods
    - Ancient scroll added to fishing level 20
    - emerald no longer drops skystone sliver and peridot now drops skystone sliver etc
    - compact recipes for mining fixed
    - You can now add stat trackers to your tools
    - wood drops fixed
    - now get higher tier drops from knowledge if you ahve the ability on axe
    - Skystar added to fishing loot
    - Carrot trophy now 300k
    - You can now see how many spruce are chopped in /ch
    - Zombie Trophy now at 200k
    - Farming Warp GUI fixed
    - divorce papers fixed
    - cooked beef no longer sellable
    - Skystone trophy now says skystone
    - ancient scroll no longer gives a ton of books
    - /craft now disabled in warzone
    -Island water breaking crop fix
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