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    Season Six Is Upon Us...

    We will be launching @ 3pm EST on the 24th!

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    updated code for crafting, npc locations, eco, loot pools etc
    enchant shop revamp
    new spawners added
    farming nodes revamped
    /skills redone
    new crafting recipes
    eco recipe books/pages sorted
    crafting skill removed
    gemstones reworked
    skills synced with tools
    punishment reset
    stats reset
    chat filter updated
    /warps added back and redone
    autochests synced with new items
    compactor pet updated
    items being placed at certain island levels removed- can only place stuff if correct skill level
    wz random tp redone
    wz skydrop chests redone
    new trophies added and synced to /ch
    compact items reworked and added to store
    potions deleted
    /shop reworked
    enchant shop portal added to shop
    drops added to store and tested to sell
    shipwreck texture redone and openable reworked
    primodial glowstone and iridencent prismarine deleted
    components deleted, armor shards added
    /mb start gear updated
    woodcutting nodes easier to chop now
    enchants auto apply to tools
    pvp chat added
    durability added, more use for xp now
    honey and oil schematics added
    grinder heads added and reworked for balancing
    tracking gemstone updated, imps deleted
    reworks added to power
    mob drops synced to shop and /ch
    essence shards and rarity rebalanced
    imput factory blocks and factory furnace added to shop
    compact ores updated
    viaversion updated
    beginner ch rewritten
    tools reworked and rebalanced
    npc's resynced
    fishing reworked fully
    crop spawn rates redone
    cacti now vanilla and sells on shop
    custom mobs removed, now custom spawner system
    challenges rewritten
    /kit global challenges added for launch and tested
    bows deleted
    shields deleted
    certain pvp enchants deleted
    and a lot more....
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