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    We bring you the first of many updates. However small this may be, we bring you new content with plenty of bug fixed along with it!

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    Fairy ikit is now on store to help our PVE players out and help those who do not wish to mine, fish, woodcut or farm so that they can earn the openables still and advance that way!

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    New crate that brings a brand-new disguise to skybounds: the baby cat!! Two new exclusive prefixes to be collected too!

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    Island levels are now up to 30 and skill levels are up to 45 so get grinding!
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    - Quest Scrolls
    - XP Challenges
    - Easter Update
    - Easter Sale
    - Easter Crate
    - Bug fixes

    You can Place bamboo on island and farm
    You can fish without the required fishing skill if you got the rod.
    No Sardines in Iron anymore and there are 2 kinds of Salmon 1 is used for nothing
    Chicken Drop wrong coded meat cant use for craft or Selling
    You cant craft Slayer Pet level 1 cause there is no way of getting Fox drops since Fairy´s are fixed
    Pig and Sheep dont spawn
    Re balanced island level pricing
    Woodcutting node slivers added into openables and drops
    No farming Imps were spawning
    Glowstone pool in air (Iron Net fishing is in the Ground)
    Spawn Woodcutting Limits not increasing( Only Spawn )
    Some weird drops out of Imortal stones etc. like 100 Star Ticket and 40 Xp bottles
    Sometimes you get boats from Opening Shipwrecks
    Ice shard recipe
    Cooldowns on wood nodes
    Crafting updated
    Challenges updated
    Lootcrate pushed
    NEW ECO prices
    DUPE BUGS fixed
    DRAGON prefix updated (community vote)
    New slayer/grinding base XP
    Crafting base xp updated
    Mob drops changed slightly
    Legendary Skydrop loot table updated
    Farming limits updated and reworked
    Woodcutting at spawn does not count towards skill xp or limits fixed
    Birch needs ‘granite axe’ to chop, need to change to ‘Birch axe’ fixed
    Birch node crafting is currently ‘oak node’ needs to be changed to craft ‘birch node’ fxied
    Acacia nodes are giving an error and disappear when attempting to pick up on islands fixed
    Crafting skill xp doesn't change, always says ‘+40 crafting xp’ fixed
    Island level prices need to be fully pushed to all island servers fixed
    Fairy IKIT bonus needs to be checked/buffed fixed
    /boosts fixed
    Fishing pool are needs to be resynced
    Spear fishing DELETED
    Emerald nodes say it needs island lvl 21 to place however is in fact island lvl 22
    Openables redone
    Fairy and snow protectors have disappeared from spawn fixed
    When picking up ore nodes, it drops the crop too; it needs to just pick up the crop block. (WORKING ON THIS)
    Using water to break crop blocks, auto regrow them, and needs to have the same cool down as manual grinding. fixed
    Snow protector hit boxes need to be reworked (WORKING ON THIS)
    Add woodcutting slivers to the woodcutting openables fixed
    Spawner crafting recipe needs to be changed to: 9x spawner shard to make 1 spawner (NO SOULSTONE REQUIRED)
    Spawner shards need to be added to the slayer openables fixed
    Farming slivers need to be added to farming openables fixed
    Change the beginner ch from ‘plant 5 saplings’ to ‘Place a crop block’
    When removing a mining node and placing it down again, the ore respawns in the original place (similar to the farming crop blocks, needs to just pick up the crop block) fixed
    Barbarian needs perm strength I removed (WORKING ON THIS)
    Spawn parkour needs to be added fixed
    Portals needs to be ADDED (WORKING ON THIS)
    node crafting GUI updated
    Jungle wood limit requires jungle wood to be farmed, it SHOULD be every 10 birch to up the limit. fixed
    Dead man log needs to be changed to ‘dead_bubble_coral_log’ fixed
    Quartz and the new ores need to be resynced so that you cannot place the item. fixed
    ‘Helper’ needs to be changed to ‘TrialMod’ (same colour)
    ‘Mod’ needs to be changed to ‘Mod’ but in dark green
    NEW STAFF PREFIX: ‘SrMod’ in dark yellow (gold)
    Remove ‘openable pouch’ from the loot table ‘openable pouch’
    All island upgrades from /is upgrade need to be removed (WORKING ON THIS)
    Make sure farming imps now exist fixed
    Make sure all imps have been updated with their loot and are renamed to the new grinding stuff (WORKING ON THIS)
    add a /toggle for the ‘You have reached your limit!’ fixed
    Divorce papers dont work for some reason fixed
    Mining pets work on wood nodes on islands fixed
    Ensure all messages are synced (nodes, island levels, messages in chat etc) (WORKING ON THIS)
    doing /fly twice in parkour enables flight and can be abused. (WORKING ON THIS)
    Random Warzone Teleport needs to be redone (WORKING ON THIS)
    ALL CH/GUI/CRAFT recipes/unlocks reworked (WORKING ON THIS)
    Crashing error fixed and patched.

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