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    Skybounds Season 4
    Is it that lovely time of year where we look back on our previous season and look forward to the future season that awaits us.

    Skybounds has travelled far within the sky and has crash landed upon the mystical land of Faye. Magical beings from across all the lands have taken the island of Skybounds and made it their home. Thus giving new exploration and dangerous adventure. Come face to face with mystical beings who hold power and protection to bring a dangerous feel to the islands. You must grind and defeat each mob before they take over the islands.

    More information regarding the reset, patch notes, and more sneak peeks will be posted throughout the next week leading to reset!


    Season 4 is very close and we are extremely excited to tell you the good news.

    Season 4 will be coming on December 12th @ 3pm EST!

    What will be happening:

    Now, to shine some light on the progress of what's been happening with Skybounds. Our System Administrators were able to successfully bring Skybounds back online. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, we had to roll back the server to a certain time period to preserve as much data as we could.

    The Team and I have decided to go ahead and keep Skybounds offline while we continue to work on the reset. We feel it's best to give everyone a fresh start on December 12th. Now, you may ask what was rolled back. Any progress that was made was lost within a certain time frame. This also includes any prefixes claimed, ranks claimed, etc.

    So, upon release of Season 4 all Buycraft Items that were purchased after the roll back date will be sent to your account upon first login on Saturday. This includes, Ranks, Kits, Loot Crates, etc. Now, we also will be giving back ranks that were lost if sufficient proof is provided. An announcement will be made in the coming days talking about where to post your proof to reclaim your rank.

    What to expect:

    We wanted to take everything slow with content and approach everything with caution. So, we didn't get to everything we wanted to, however we plan to bring updates quite often to make up for that.


    With the beautiful new spawn & warzone, we also are in the process of getting a brand new Theme for Skybounds Forums & Store. Here's a quick sneak peek! ;)

    This is just an alpha example of the theme, so don't mind the numbers. However, this will be the new ongoing theme for Skybounds Forums. A dark mode will also be implemented. More information to come soon!


    Welcome to a beautiful brand new spawn for the upcoming season of Skybounds. Explore within the depths of the mythical islands


    We couldn't forget about the lovely warzone. The Warzone has been completely redesigned and will integrate a new play style for everyone within the pvp zone. Sit on the mountain tops, deep within the island caves, or down by the alien tentacles in the ruins. Plenty of room for everyone to do their own thing.

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