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  • MONTHLY EVENT WINNERS #1: {Landmarks}
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    🎉The Monthly Event Winners 🎉

    The first build event for a while, and we wanted to use this as a celebration for architecture around the world. Landmarks are known to be major tourist attractions around the world and is a known place when mentioning an area/country.

    And so we want you to take your favorite landmark and either recreate it on skybounds OR take elements of a landmark and add your own twist! We want to see some unique builds as well as some detailed replicas.

    "Hey there and very welcome to #FlyingSky, the mythic flying Time-Capsule of landmarks. The pyramids of Gizeh are the roots of the architecture and the first step at our trip. The next stop is the great Chinese wall in a scale of 1:2. It was built to protect the country from attackers and is still a landmark of China. Next stop is the Roman colosseum. Built 70 A.C. We dive trough the waterfall which fades in the fog and get to the Taj Mahal which was built in 1648. The last station at our trip through the time is the Eiffel Tower. We really hope you enjoyed our building and you were able to get some inspiration and information about the history of landmarks."


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    "My Build is based on the Real-life place of London. I started building the west minister bridge which leads towards the big ben. Underneath the bridge, there is The River Thames. On the river, we have Bumbo's Boat, which is sailing underneath the West Minister Bridge (Build Event One) The River Thames has both Big Ben and West Minister Abby as well as the London eye adjacent I have built both of them. This build has been shrunk down to fit onto this island and made to look like the area where Big Ben is situated. (with a few minute changes)"


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    "I built a replica of the Big Ben in London. That was very hard and i hope you like it."

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