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  • MONTHLY EVENT #2: {Skybounds Logo}
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    This month's event may peak your interest! We are re-vamping the Skybounds logo and so want to include the community in designing our new one. This logo will be used on all platforms and on any official sites/documents that represent Skybounds. This means if your logo design is chosen; you will have your design everywhere!

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    Each individual each individual on the server wishing to participate in the event, may follow the requested theme and any compulsory pointers. Each event is open for roughly 30 days, allowing adequate time for your projects to be completed.

    For this event, you can submit multiple designs as you wish and also add personal touches to each design (your designing 'mark' which is often your name, a small tag relating to your work or anything of the sort as long as it does not take over the design image).

    General notes And Compulsory Requirements

    Multiple submissions allowed.

    All designs must include the name 'Skybounds'.

    All designs must include your IGN somewhere so it can be traced back to you.

    All designs must be 100% original work. No copyright or plagiarism is allowed.

    You may either hand draw, or use technology (drawing apps) to create your logo.

    Each submission must be clear and easy to read/view.

    If using reference photos or any inspirational photos- attach these to your submission thread.

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    That gives everyone one month to jot down ideas, obtain their materials and make their creations come to life! Once the event ends, we will then begin to judge all of the entries and announce the winners of the build competition! The Judges will be myself and the admins at the end of the month and we will come to the island to personally view it!

    Builds will be judged based off of the following:

    - How well it fits the theme.
    - Creativity / Originality.
    - Appearance.
    - Drawing Skills.
    - Professionalism.

    Disclaimer: Your design may be picked and then modified or adapted, it may not be your official/final design only.

    ▧ First Place
    ➠ $75 Gift Card + Design used for final logo EVERYWHERE
    ➠ Event forum role
    ➠ In-game event symbol

    ▧ Second Place
    ➠ $50 Gift Card + Latest Loot Crate
    ➠ Event forum role

    ▧ Third Place
    ➠ $25 Gift Card + Latest Loot Crate
    ➠ Event forum role

    Follow the link below to submit an entry form.
    These entries are public and will allow the community to view your builds and leave comments!

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