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    We are here to announce that the end of the season is near! And so, we bring a new trophy shop: prefixes, symbols, trails and the old disguises for a range of points.

    We have also added the 'Early Access' Kit to the shop for players to buy- there is only 50 kits on the server so better buy them fast!

    Also updated: the S5 showcase and fixed the /ch issue on islands!

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    And now to the moment everyone has been waiting for: Our release schedule!

    17th - 1pm EST: Whitelist and downtime.
    18th - 1pm EST: Early Access Pass Whitelisted.
    22nd - 3pm EST: Server closed and all progress wiped.

    24th - 1pm EST: Server Global Launch

    The EA pass will be removed from trophy shop tomorrow at 3pm EST and any remaining passes will be added to the official store!
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