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  • Ethos Loot Crate, Necromancer Kit, Spider Queen Boss, and more!

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    Loot Crate #6 "ETHOS"
    On the shop if you buy the pack of 3 combo you will also get an Ethos Pet and Essence Machine!
    Loot Crate chat broadcast cooldown is now 5 minutes instead of 60 minutes. Have fun!

    Admin Item: "Ethos Seed"
    Get 5 Rewards

    1. Spawner Loot
    2. Ore Seed Loot
    3. Crop Seed Loot
    4. Utility: Skill Armor Components, Gemstone Slots, Auto-Chests, Item Teleporters, Color Wand, Sell Wand, Sky Drops, Bottomless Water/Lava Buckets and More!
    Epic Rewards:
    • NEW Chat Symbol: FAX
    • NEW Disguise: Baby Turtle
    • NEW Trail: Poop
    • Bolt Rank Token
    • Tornado Rank Token
    • Comet Rank Token
    • Void Rank Token
    • Compactor Pet Egg
    • Ethos Pet Egg
    • Boost Gem (x2)
    • Sky Drop (x2)
    • Legendary Sky Drop
    • Metal Factory Blueprint
    • Warlord Immortal Kit
    • Warrior Kit
    • Necromancer Kit
    • Goblin Spawn Boss Egg
    • Shaman Spawn Boss Egg
    • Spider Queen Spawn Boss Egg
    • Recipe Book: Silver Bar
    • Mob Spawner: Silverfish (3-5)
    • Ruby Ore Seed (300-500)
    • Obsidian Ore Seed (250-350)
    • Skystone Ore Seed (75-125)
    • Bedrock Ore Seed (50-150)
    • Nether Sapling (10-20)
    • Spawner Spinner (4-6)

    New Sacred Recipe
    Sacred Fishing Rod

    Crafted by combining all 9 Rods and 1M XP in a Sacred Crafting Recipe. Can be used in every Pool.
    Found in Krakedon Boss Drops

    New Boss Egg
    Spider Queen

    Found in Warzone Legendary Loot, Krakedon Boss Drops, other Boss Drops and Loot Crates
    Exclusive Set Drops
    Arachnid Armor:
    Chance to Spawn Webs on enemy player you attack that last 5 seconds & immunity to poison damage.

    New Kit

    Receive Random Spawners, Boss Eggs or Egg Baskets
    Cooldown is 5 Days

    New Finding Quest
    Ring in the Memes!

    Find the 10 Bells located all around the Spawn World

    New Resources
    Outlander Islands are now all accessible and three (3) new resources have been added!
    Ore: Ruby

    Sell Price of a Ruby: 750 Stars
    Sell Price of a Ruby Block: 95,000 Stars

    Tree: Knowledge Tree

    Sell Price of Knowledge Bark: 400 Stars
    Sell Price of Knowledge Log: 50,000 Stars

    Farming: Pickles

    Sell Price of a Pickle: 250 Stars

    Challenge Tracker
    Challenge progression is now displayed in your sidebar!

    New Gemstones

    - Swords Gemstone
    The more consecutive hits you deal to an enemy the more damage your weapon will inflict.
    Found in Warzone Loot Chests

    Excavate - Mining Pickaxe Gemstone
    Increases your chances of finding Essence while Mining by 10%
    Unlocked by Mining 2,500 Ruby Ores
    Recipe: 5 Compact Coal, 5 Compact Granite, 2 Compact Gold, 3 Compact Iron, 4 Acacia Hafts, 1 Gemstone Shell

    Splinter - Woodcutting Axe Gemstone
    Increases your chances of finding Essence while Woodcutting by 10%
    Unlocked by Woodcutting 2,500 Knowledge Trees
    Recipe: 2 Compact Knowledge Bark, 1 Compact Obsidian, 2 Birch Hafts, 3 Fox Paws, 1 Gemstone Shell

    Extract - Farming Tool Gemstone
    Increases your chances of finding Essence while Farming by 10%
    Unlocked by Farming 1,500 Pickles
    Recipe: 1 Compact Pickle, 2 Compact Beets, 3 Compact Cocoa Beans, 3 Compact Sugarcane, 4 Jungle Hafts, 1 Gemstone Shell

    Chisel - Mining Pickaxe Gemstone
    Chance for resources Mined to count stats twice & rare chance to find an Ore Seed related to the resource
    Unlocked by Mining 7,500 Ruby
    Recipe: 3 Compact Ruby, Diamond, Lapis, 3 Compact Emerald, 4 Dark Oak Hafts, 1 Gemstone Shell

    Carve - Woodcutting Axe Gemstone
    Chance for resources Chopped to count stats twice & chance to find Saplings increased
    Unlocked by Woodcutting 7,500 Knowledge Trees
    Recipe: 2 Compact Knowledge Bark, 4 Shipwrecks, 2 Spruce Hafts, 1 Gemstone Shell

    Mulch - Farming Tool Gemstone
    Chance for resources Farmed to count stats twice & chance to find Seeds increased
    Unlocked by Farming 5,000 Pickles
    Recipe: 12 Compact Bamboo, 128 Wither Bones, 3 Compact Ice, 1 Compact Cactus, 1 Gemstone Shell

    Hunting - Slayer Gemstone
    Chance for Kills to count stats twice & change to find Egg Baskets increased
    Found as a rare Slayer Imp drop

    Haul - Fishing Rod Gemstone
    Chance for Fishing to count stats twice & chance to get a big haul of 3-5x drops
    Found in Krakedon Boss Loot

    Gemstone Enchant Changes
    • Detection (Pickaxe): +10% to +30% and it will buff Armor Set Rare Drops and Chisel Rare Drops
    • Bleeding (Swords): 1,000ms to 500ms per 0.5 health and 5s to 6s duration
    • Eternal Bleeding (Swords): 1,000ms to 500ms per 0.5 health and 10s to 12s duration
    • Thunderclap (Swords): Proc Rate increased. It is 3 hearts of pure damage, however, shields still reduce this damage.
    • Toxic (Swords): 5s to 6s duration
    • Plague (Swords): Now gets buffed by Darkness Gemstone
    • Darkness (Swords): Now ALSO adds a 2s duration buff to Plague Gemstone
    • Evasion (Armor): Slightly nerfed
    • Prospector (Pickaxe): Drop Rate buffed by 2x
    • Tracking: Can now be used on Swords and Fishing Rods
    • Starlord (Swords): Added earning Stars from Spawner Mob Kills
      • Chicken 15-30 Stars
      • Mahi-Mahi 25-50 Stars
      • Ent 35-75 Stars
      • Cow 40-100 Stars
      • Witch 50-150 Stars
      • Endermite 75-175 Stars
      • Panda 100-200 Stars
      • Silverfish 125-225 Stars
      • Creeper 145-255 Stars
    New Spawner: Silverfish
    • Produces: Silver Scales (Iron Nugget)
    • Sell Price: 1,450
    • Island Level 29

    New Schematic: Metal Factory
    • Produces: Metal Rods (Iron Bars)
    • Sell Price: 5,550
    • 100 per hour with max storage of 1,000
    • Max Metal Factories is 3 per Island.
    • Island Level 36

    New Eco Recipe: Silver Bars
    Recipe: 2 Metal Rods with 4 Silver Scales
    Sell Price: 22,500 Stars
    Easy to automate this Recipe

    Gameplay Adjustments
    • Krakedon Boss Re-Balanced based on player count
    • Default Essence drop changed from 1% to 5%
    • Duel Arena disguise bug fixed
    • New Island Upgrade: Compactors (up to 50)
    • New Island Boost: Conduits now move entire stacks at a time instead of 1 item
      • Very nice
    • New Imps for Slayer and Fishing
      • Very wow, much cool
    • Imp Spawn Rates increased
    • Legendary Sky Drop Loot adjusted
    • Message in a Bottle drop rate increased
      • Loot buffed as well
    • Warzone Random Teleport Locations updated (no more teleporting close to the spawn platform)
    • Gunpowder sell price increased to 1,600 Stars
    • Looting 6 / 7 and Fortune 6 / 7 can now be purchased
    • Adjusted XP Rates earned for Enchanting Shop
      • Farming by 1.5x
      • Woodcutting by 1.75x
      • Mining by 2x
      • Fishing by 2.25x
      • Slayer by 2.5x​

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