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    Welcome to the first monthly post of many! We have decided to bring back monthly posts to sum up each month for our community and celebrate individuals.

    This post will include: messages from our management team, an introduction to our NEW developer, recent promotions and our old/new SOTM as well as some celebrations from the server island builds!

    I’ll be start out by using a quote from Tony Robbins that have inspired me for many years; "The only impossible journey is the one you never begin." - to that I am referring to the new journey of SkyBounds. I will not be having a long speech about my self, but rather a small word about how I can help the server.

    You have my word on this, I will do my best no matter what. It’s important that the community helps out as well, bring ideas to the table - that way we can work as a team and make the best server possible for everyone. I’m a very open person, so do not hesitate to message me about anything. Could just be if you want to have a small chat, I can’t promise I’ll respond straight away - but eventually you’ll have a reply.

    My priority is satisfying the community, with that being said; I look forward meeting everyone, and if you have any questions then shoot them out.

    - Thank you, Legend.

    The immaculate support we had on launch of S4 was insane. 650+ player record for Skybounds is something we never dreamed of. We couldn't have done any of this without you guys on the network. We had some downs getting here, but we finally made it. The team and I have tons of plans for the future of Skybounds and we cannot wait. We're already reading all suggestions and feedback considering Season 4 and we're already preparing future seasons. We understand how the launch of Season 4 content was not the greatest start, however we will be doing everything we can to update and turn the season around. We are so glad to have such an amazing community that is very supportive of this transition. We're so glad to see everyone online and enjoying what we have so far. <3
    - Thank you, Safe.

    Thank you all so much for being patient, we are aware of everyone's concerns and how everyone is losing hope. However from here on out, everything should start going well again. Safe and I have been busy behind the scenes planning new content and making a bug-priority list and I'm aware safe has now gone through everything with LegendDev and so we should see bugs being fixed as well as updates!!

    From myself, I promise that we will be running two karaoke's and a few events in between too as well as some drop parties and discord giveaways. Myself and the admins are planning out the month of January and hopefully this will allow the community to come together more and allows everyone the chance to win some goodies!

    You all know how much I appreciate everyone and I am so proud to be the new community manager, I don't think I could ever forget this community nor would I want to. I hope you all stick with us throughout January and see what we can bring you!
    - Thank you, Rose/Emt

    Royals Island






    Hey guys! I'm Moosius or Moose. I've been on the server for awhile and you've probably seen me around. I am one of the new JrAdmin's on the team and with that I want to bring help to the community whenever I can and help better the community as a whole in a variety of ways!

    Little bit about me: I'm a bit of a boomer (24 years old). I'm a Registered Nurse by trade, but love gaming on my free time! I'm a huge fan of anything Marvel and a bit of a book worm when I can be. My dm's are always open if you need any kind of help or just want to talk (or swap dad jokes)!
    -Thank you, Moose.

    Hiii, I'm Clary. I'm one of the new Jr Admins and really excited to help the community of Skybounds. My plans are to help not only the players but also assisting Rose and Safe as well as our staff in whatever they need me to do on the server. I plan to help with karaoke and trivia as well as any other events we plan on doing!

    A little bit about me: I'm 18, my birthday is July 25th, I'm British, I have 3 cats called Buttons, Bella and Milo. I enjoy reading and watching tv shows! Don't hesitate to ever get in contact with me with any questions/concerns, I usually answer pretty fast so if you have any questions, pm me on discord Clary#7777!
    -Thank you, Clary.

    Every month we celebrate a new 'Staff Of The Month', due to the server being down and only just coming back up- we didn't get to make a post for the month before and so we are adding both SOTM's to this thread!

    - @Jollytac was awarded staff of the month due to his constant hard work, even when the server was down he was still pulling his weight and working hard on anything we'd mention to him, and he made sure to stay active in both staff and public discord!

    View attachment 8112

    - @LitNothin You've worked hard and worked on communication and even though weve had rough patches, we were all in agreement that you deserve it the most due to being active on all platforms and putting in the most effort to do well!

    View attachment 8113


    View attachment 8114

    We have listened to the community and have added a 'suggestions and ideas' area. This will be monitored by myself, Safe and Legend. We will be looking at discussions of past season content as well as suggestions for new content! Depending on the outcome of this area, threads may be locked and a 'added'/'noted' prefix may be added to show what ideas we have agreed on and will further develop! Feel free to post any ideas and past content and remember to comment on the ones you like!


    We have again listened to the community, and have known a rather large group of you have been asking for karaoke to return! And so starting in the new year we will be introducing Karaoke every 2nd Saturday regularly throughout the year for you all to join and sing, rap, beat-box and play instruments for us to judge and enjoy- so come along and join in to share your talents and make friends, to help vote on who should win and have a chance to win prizes!

    Our first karaoke will be on January the 9th, an announcement will be made in the public discord on the 2nd regarding the event!

    Again, community have asked for build events to return and so we will be having a build monthly event announced every month for you to all join in on! However, we know building isn't to everyone's taste and so we will also be running more contemporary events (trivia, parkour, pvp, find the admin, stories, drawing and more!).

    {BUILD EVENT #1}

    As we have updates and new content added, summaries of those will be added to the monthly posts as well as event winners to show how far skybounds has come each month! Expect to see some updates soon via our #announcements channel in http://discord.gg/skybounds and Announcements on our forums!

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