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    The first build event for a while, and we wanted to use this as a celebration for architecture around the world. Landmarks are known to be major tourist attractions around the world and is a known place when mentioning an area/country.

    And so we want you to take your favorite landmark and either recreate it on skybounds OR take elements of a landmark and add your own twist! We want to see some unique builds as well as some detailed replicas. Remember no mocking or referencing sensitive past events please otherwise your post will be removed from the final vote.

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    [+] Adding Skybounds related aspects to your builds qualify you for even more bonus points!

    How our build events work are as follows: each individual on the server wishing to participate in the event, may build the requested theme on their own personal Skybounds Island. Each event is open for roughly 30 days, allowing adequate time for your projects to be completed. You may recruit others to assist you with your submission, however, only the Island owner in which the build resides on may submit that builds entry and obtain the prize if chosen. One submission per person only!

    💎Only one submission per player allowed.

    💎All builds must be PG, appropriate and suitable for all ages.

    💎All builds must be 100% original work (If using an element from landmarks).

    💎Not copyright or plagiarized: remember to also attach your reference photo/images.

    💎Third party clients such as Schematica may not be used.

    💎Island Sidebars must be present in submission photos / videos.

    💎Each submission must have a minimum of 3 images or 1 minute worth of footage.

    💎All builds submitted for the event must be a 3D build. Pixel art is allowed. However, must only reflect a small portion of your build as a whole.

    💎Build must be submitted by the owner of the Island where the build exists.

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    That gives everyone one month to jot down ideas, obtain their building materials and make their creations come to life! Once the event ends, we will then begin to judge all of the entries and announce the winners of the build competition! The Judges will be myself and the admins at the end of the month and we will come to the island to personally view it!

    Builds will be judged based off of the following:

    - How well it fits the theme.
    - Creativity / Originality.
    - Appearance.
    - Building Skills.
    - [+] If skybounds features has been implemented.

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    ▧ First Place
    ➠ $100 Gift Card + Latest Loot Crate
    ➠ Event symbol in-game
    ➠ Event forums role

    ▧ Second Place
    ➠ Any Kit Of Choice* + Latest Loot Crate
    ➠ Event forums role

    ▧ Third Place
    ➠ Any Symbol Of Choice* + Latest Loot Crate
    ➠ Event forums role

    * Can not choose: Looter, buggy symbol, rank symbols, Territory symbol, SOTM symbol, Event symbol.

    Follow the link below to submit an entry form. These entries are public and will allow the community to view your builds and leave comments!
    { ENTER HERE }
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