Something smells... fishy.

What's New Today?

Gotta sell out, you know.
There's a 15% off Ranks Sale and 25% off everything else including the new Loot Crate sale!
Introducing the second Season 2 Loot Crate "Simp"!
Obtain Loot from the following categories: Resource Cores (x2), Recipes, Utility and...
Jackpot Loot!
  • Boost Gem
  • Sun Rank
  • Bolt Rank
  • Sky Drop
  • Schematic: Fish Tank
  • Chat Prefix: Simp
  • Crafting Book: Fishing Bolt
  • Crafting Book: Fudge
  • Crafting Book: Shepherds Pie
  • Crafting Pages: Surf and Turf
  • Crafting Pages: Lustrous Melon
  • Stat...
Skybounds Build Event #3

This events theme: Under The Sea šŸŽ£ šŸ¦ˆ
[+] Adding Skybounds related aspects to your builds qualify you for even more bonus points!

The fishes have spoken and demanded to be heard and so we're bringing this theme to the skybounds community- fishing has become a massive part of our daily skybounds lives and offers a new world to venture into, we want to see your inspiring ideas and views come to life.

How our build events work are as follows: each individual on the server wishing to participate in the event, may build the requested...​
27 Mar
SEASON 2 - Update #1 BajanCanadian

Season 2 is off to a great start, other than hitting a few potholes... full of fish... things are running pretty smoothly now.
I'd like to ask that everyone please do their best to be respectful and polite, even in the memes, to all other players, clans and islands! Any problems that occurred at the start of this Season please direct any blame to myself and the official team and not other players. I had the final call on resets and compensation for affected players so send your salt my way!

From my gaming experience so far it's been awesome. Skills and Eco feel more balanced, unlocking upgrades and completing challenges has...

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